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Digital Work


Check out this trailer for his upcoming short "Door"

Here you will find all of Bill's digital artwork from Logos and business cards to vector images and digital painting.

In an interview I did with Bill he said:

"I love to work in digital as it enables me to work quickly, cleanly and with maximum control."

Even his words, like his creations are sublime. I love this Guy!

animation ice man illustration

Ice man

man on bench painting

Man on Bench

pigeon digital painting


garage digital artwork

Pure Petrol

satirist digital drawing

Satirist at Work

bit bird illustration

Bit Birds

shopping centre digital drawing

Digital Sketch - shopping Centre

silent pig digital artwork

Silent Pig

smoke ball digital artwork

Smoking Ball

digital shelter artwork

Leigh Shelter


Blue Print

infinite rooms logo

Infinite Rooms Logo - Take me to Site

Smoke and mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

experimental digital painting

Digital Experimental Painting

digital doodle painting

Doodle Paint


Bird Gun

business card

Hair By Sam - Business Card

Effing! Lip Balm

Effing! Lip Balm



graham coxen


Business Card

Business Card

minimalist building Artwork

Minimal Buildings

mums pointing

Mum x Mum x Mum

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