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Bills first animation is entitled Door. Created in 2017 he is apparently looking for venues and festivals to screen his animation. Because of this he is not realeasing it to the public until he has secured a screening but you can view the trailer here. He is a fan of dark and absurd comedy such as Chris Morris, Armando Ianucci and the League of Gentlemen so I am sure this will be a winner. After meeting him in a secret Public house I managed to get some information out of this mysterious man. It seems he wanted to create something quite absurd and strange and recorded the audio first before creating any other sounds andthe animation itself. He thinks he will be putting it online late in the year and I can't wait to see it.

Click for Door Trailer

Tony goes for an interview which turns out to be a disturbing and absurd experience. He didn't realize it but he seems very good at opening doors. The interviewer is a creepy guy who is astounded at Tony's ability to open the door upon ebtering the room. Hilarity ensues as Tony seems to lose control... but why?

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