Bit Birds May Byte

General Information

Date Completed: 2015/06/23

Medium: Acrylic on Board

Dimensions: 605mm x 650mm


This work questions how technology will effect our freedom in the future. Will it increase it or restrict it? The bird is a symbol of freedom. The painting is created in a style delibrately flat, as though it were printed or created by machine. The birds hide a code within them, It is an aesthetically seductive, decorative and modern, as is technology but “Bit Birds May Byte”. My inspirations for this piece are Patrick Caulfield and Andy Warhol. I hope that you will be perplexed by this work and that it will give your mind plenty of exercise.


The work was originally created using vector illustration software. This way Bill knew how the painting would look before he started

A board was painted white withh a gesso primer and sanded down to achieve a flat smooth finish

Stencils were laser cut and used to create all of the seperate elements.

Each element was painted seperately using the stencils and a stencil brush to apply the actylic paint.

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